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TheRedGamerHD Application

Post by Callam Jackson on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:14 pm

Minecraft Nickname : The Red Gamer HD

Age : 15

Country : UK

Rank requested : Co-Owner

Experience as a player,Mod,Admin,Owner (or maby website staff/mantanance)

My expirience is running my own successfull tekkit classic server and helping many other people to run theres to become successfull.

Any other relevant info

The other relevant detail is I do Live Streams. This means I can stream whilst playing on the server. So this means you have me on for atleast 5 hours a day, whilst attempting to bring more members on.

How can you help the server and us?

As I said above through livestreaming and through Youtube.

Do you have skype?

Yes Recordsh

How do you help the players?
I help the players by working with them to help them out but not by giving out items.
I tell them how stuff is done if they are struggling and help them to fix it


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