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arsehead80's staff app

Post by arsehead80 on Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:15 pm

Minecraft Nickname:arsehead80



Rank requested: admin

Experience as a player,Mod,Admin,Owner (or maby website staff/maintenance): i have been an admin on 3 servers and that lasted the longest of 7 months until the server went downfall

Any other relevant info

How can you help the server and us? becouse i can assist the owner and other members of staff and the players i can answer almost any tekkit-based question and i can stay on from 2-10 hours a day on the server and also i try my best to get on the server

Do you have skype? yes its called arsehead80

How do you help the players?i can guide them to build machines (without cheating) And also assist them in anyway possible building and mining. and help them until there satisfied


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