Nathan499 Staff aplictaion

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Nathan499 Staff aplictaion

Post by Nathan499 on Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:47 pm

General Information
In what country do you live?
UK England London
Rank requested: Moderator or Admin
How long can you play each day?
about 10 hours or more school days less
Do you have skype?
What is your skype?
Are you currently staff on another server?
Tekkit Information
How long have you played Tekkit?
about 6 years
How can I help the server?
I can help this server in many ways because I have the ability to to build pretty much any factory/machine in the game meaning if someone has any difficulty with there factory I will be able to help them build it or make it better.

i would like to think I am very creative when building factory and houses ect because i have had lots of practice doing because I am a server owner and been staff on many different servers (mainly vanilla minecraft). I am a very caring helpful person with a lot of knowledge on tekkit and other minecraft modpacks as I have been playing minecraft for 9 coming up to 10 years now.

I am a member of St. Johns ambulance which means I am able to communicate well with people in game and in the real world and get to what what i need to do to support and help the player.
Why should we accept you?
I am a caring helpful person who tries his best to help other players who need it most I DO NOT TOLERATE and racism, sexism, discrimination or homophobic behaviour as I am dyslexic my self and have had my fair share of discrimination.

I am great at building things from houses, skyscrapers to factory's and machines meaning i can support the players in a variety of ways and not to mention I own and have owned many servers meaning I have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to staff and player management meaning I am good in most situations.

I am able to play everyday for 10 hours or more on weekends and holidays meaning when there is no other staff online I am there to help when a player needs it weekdays when I have school or college I am able to play about 5 hours or more meaning there should never be a day when I can not help a player or be on the server.
I have been an owner ans staff of many servers meaning I know how to manage players and staff meaning I will not stand for any rule benders or anyone being rude or discriminating against each other. I am very fare and will think before I place a punishment on a player to make sure I am doing the right decision.

I mainly think about the players on any of the servers I have staffed on or owned to make sure that have a great enjoyable experience when playing which helps to gather server interest and players to the server.

I make sure I have evidence of the player hacking before I ban them or if there is enough players saying he/she is hacking. I always make sure I am certain that they are hacking or breaking any rules.

I have read the banned items and rules about a million times meaning I know when a player is not sticking to the rules and having a fun time.

I know how to make a variety of different duping and emc farms meaning it is hard for the player to get away without being court meaning the server will be fair and no one will be cheating or doing anything that is against the rules.

I am able to play everyday for 10 hours or more on weekends and holidays meaning when there is no other staff online I am there to help when a players needs I am usually on when there is no staff online so I have to do what I can help players although I am not staff which limits what I can do to help them which is both frustrating for both me and the players.

I am a passionate gamer who once had a youtube channel and have owned various servers mainly on tekkit and minecraft I have been playing games since I was about 6 years of age mainly playing minecraft which shows I have more knowledge then I think.

I have various ways which you can contact me wheather its skype:donson1233 BBM, facebook and many more so there is always a way which you can get in contact with me.

If you decline you will be missing out on a big opportunity of a great staff member and knowledgeable player. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask I will answer.


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